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jump the queue

To go ahead of someone or multiple people who have been waiting before one. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I wanted to shout at the man for jumping the queue, but I was too embarrassed about making a scene. There has been public outrage after it came to light that some people had been jumping the queue for surgery appointments because they had a friend or relative working at their hospital.
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queue up (for something)

to line up for something. (*Typically British.) We had to queue up for tickets to the play. You must queue up here to get in.
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jump the queue

1 push into a queue of people in order to be served or dealt with before your turn. 2 take unfair precedence over others.
The US version of this expression is jump in line .
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jump the ˈqueue

(British English) (American English jump the ˈline, cut in ˈline) go to the front of a line of people without waiting for your turn: I get very angry with people who jump the queue. ▶ ˈqueue-jumping (British English) (American English ˈline-jumping less frequent) noun: This practice encourages queue-jumping for medical services.
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queue up

1. To form an ordered sequence or line; line up: The patrons queued up outside the theater. The customers queued up at the ticket booth.
2. To order some set of things to deal with them in sequence; line up something: Queue up the children, and I'll serve them lunch. We'll queue the applicants up and interview them one at a time.
See also: queue, up
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The Qender Mobile Queue solution uses a QR code as one of the ways for customers request a queue number, the unique Qender QR code to market their business.
Hyper-Threading Technology, however, makes it is possible to build a queue even if applications issue one request at a time.
I did notice that President Dubya Bush and ex-presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton were whisked straight through when they turned up to pay their last respects, which goes to show that there are others who, like the Press, don't necessarily have to stand in the queue.
In summary, in many airport locations a correctly-managed queue system with in-queue merchandising or media should provide sufficient revenue to pay for itself within just a few weeks of service.
Packet-switched networks, which route messages hop-by-hop over multiple intermediate links and routers between sources and destinations, can be viewed as a mesh of single-server queues, where each queue acts as a memory element.
Improving PPT by decreasing queue times, move time, setups and other unproductive time will have a positive effect on cycle time.
With a softer economy, retailers are investing in Lawrence's customer queue management systems to improve their operational efficiency and ensure consumer loyalty by enhancing their in-store experience, thereby increasing retail margins.
The CNG stations owners have been taking inflated charges from the consumers while the long queues of vehicles has been witnessed at CNG stations.
Once the show is over, young children can go back to "Rated G for Netflix" and safely browse again and create their own queue.
Emma Harris, 19, student, of Newcastle: "I'd queue to meet Boro player Stewart Downing.
It is called virtual queuing because the software inserts a virtual placeholder in the queue.
WITH the holiday season upon us, it's a racing certainty there will be a queue at your check-in gate at the airport.
Queue Associates will implement the newly-acquired GPS technology in conjunction with the Microsoft Dynamics SL suite of project-management solutions to help its international business clients function even more efficiently in the global markets.
The poll, of 5,000 British women across the UK, found more than a third (36 per cent) admit to queue jumping, while 11 per cent head straight for the front.