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The second round of questioning began by referring to the first round of questioning and those statements obtained "outside of Miranda.
During their student teaching, the focus shifts to their own experience and to questioning their own procedures, methods, and understanding of their students.
153, emphasis in original) recognizes both the centrality of questioning for social workers and its multiple purposes, including the aim of effecting change.
Again, the evaluation should not include questioning the client about unreported income, but should be based solely on information provided by the agent and the CPA's existing knowledge of the client.
One child in the other group falsely reported vaginal touch under direct questioning, and two youngsters falsely reported anal touch.
With an increasing number of classrooms and homes accessing the Internet, we believe there is a need for a kids' destination that is entertaining and educational - one that children are excited to visit both at home and at school," said Ted Briscoe, senior vice president and general manager of the Consumer Questioning Answer Service.
The role of Socratic questioning in thinking, teaching and learning.
2) Acquiring an accurate representation of false confessions obtained under police questioning remains imperative, and ongoing research attempts to address this need.
Everyone is entitled to ask anyone anything, provided he or she has a legitimate interest, the interview is confined to questions instead of statements and the questioning is done under reasonable and private conditions.
Thus Katz, in less than twenty years, moves away from his earlier mandate that the professional staffs the reference desk at all times to questioning the paraprofessional's role in the provision of information service.
The value of such questioning is that it stimulates thought and can lead to new and useful insights about the organization.
In addition, where a law enforcement employee has been indicted, that employee must be informed of the right to counsel provided in the Sixth Amendment regardless of whether the employee is in custody prior to questioning on the matter for which the employee has been indicted.
If necessary, tell the examiner that you will respond only to appropriate questioning and not to shouting or abusive language.