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Teachers ask various questions for the purpose of questioning the behaviours of the students, criticizing and warning them.
35) This is especially true in a sequential confession case, like Seibert, in which the "earlier and later statements are realistically seen as parts of a single, unwarned sequence of questioning.
Social Work too can contribute to our understanding of questions and questioning by providing an outlet for further examination of these topics and by encouraging imaginative, risk-taking inquiry.
During their student teaching, the focus shifts to their own experience and to questioning their own procedures, methods, and understanding of their students.
By examining varied aspects of suspects' lives and closely questioning each source of information, investigators can compile a witness list to later defend their choice of investigative techniques.
This questioning should uncover a weak corporate culture.
The role of Socratic questioning in thinking, teaching and learning.
In addition, where a law enforcement employee has been indicted, that employee must be informed of the right to counsel provided in the Sixth Amendment regardless of whether the employee is in custody prior to questioning on the matter for which the employee has been indicted.
If necessary, tell the examiner that you will respond only to appropriate questioning and not to shouting or abusive language.
The value of such questioning is that it stimulates thought and can lead to new and useful insights about the organization.
After hearing and observing Mike's responses, users can plan a line of questioning to help them judge these verbal and nonverbal clues as truthful or deceptive.
What makes such questioning complicated is that each answer often prompts a whole series of new questions, which is where even the most comprehensive package misses the mark.