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in quest of (something)

Hunting, seeking, or searching for something. I'm going to town in quest of a new book to read. The border is always filled with refugees in quest of a better future. Tommy been in quest of a
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quest for (someone or something)

To hunt, seek, or search for something. We've been questing for locations to shoot our new film. The border is always filled with refugees questing for a better future.
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in quest of someone or something

 and in search of someone or something
seeking or hunting something; trying to find something. They went into town in quest of a reasonably priced restaurant. Monday morning I'll go out in search of a job.
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quest for someone or something

to seek after someone or something. Martin is off questing for a book on baroque organ building. She is questing for a better way to do it.
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in search of

Also, in quest of. Looking for, seeking, as in They went to California in search of gold, or I went to the library in quest of a quiet place to read. The first term dates from the mid-1400s, the second from the second half of the 1500s.
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see under in search of.
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