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He said: "I got woken up at about quarter past two on Monday morning by my flatmates thumping on my door saying the motorbikes had been set on fire.
The school day will end at quarter past two instead of one o'clock.
The first was at 6am, but today's was quarter past two in the afternoon.
30pm on New Year's Eve and he arrived just about a quarter past two - four days late and weighing eight-and-a-half pounds.
But those BBC1 viewers still hiding behind the sofa after Wednesday night's fall off the emotional rollercoaster might just want to stay there until about a quarter past two, as this is not a 'gimme' for Britain's most popular jumper.
We started at quarter past two, while Leeds started at two o'clock, " Souness said.
We returned from our holiday at quarter past two in the morning, and the scene that greeted us was appalling.
Already, the same green and white brethren who left without their party and championship title last month are making vengeful noisesabout how many goals they are gonna fire past us between half past 12 and quarter past two on Saturday, July 30th.
Nolan said: "I got back home about quarter past two and I don't think I got to sleep until about half four.