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pick a fight

To act aggressively or in a certain way toward someone in order to provoke them into a fight. I don't know why she was so critical of me tonight—it's like she was trying to pick a fight or something. He's the kind of troll who just posts on the message board to pick a fight.
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It takes two to make a quarrel.

Prov. An argument is never only one person's fault.; If the other person refuses to participate, there cannot be an argument. Sue: I think Mimi ought to apologize for arguing with me. Mother: It takes two to make a quarrel, dear. Maybe you ought to apologize to her. Jill: Why are you always so quarrelsome? Jane: Hey, it's not just my fault. It takes two to make a quarrel.
See also: make, quarrel, take, two

patch a quarrel up

Fig. to put an end to a quarrel; to reconcile quarreling parties. Tom and Fred were able to patch their quarrel up. I hope we can patch up this quarrel.
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pick a fight (with someone)

 and pick a quarrel (with someone)
to start a fight or argument with someone on purpose. Are you trying to pick a fight with me? Max intended to pick a quarrel with Lefty.
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pick a quarrel

(with someone) Go to pick a fight (with someone).
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quarrel (with someone) (over someone or something)

to have an argument with someone about someone or something. Todd quarreled with Carl over who was going to get the new secretary. They are quarreling over Sally.

quarrel (with someone) (over someone or something)

to have an argument with someone about someone or something. Todd quarreled with Carl over who was going to get the new secretary. They are quarreling over Sally.

quarrel with something

to argue against something; to have a complaint about something. I can't quarrel with that. Does anyone want to quarrel with that last remark?
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pick a quarrel

Also, pick an argument or fight . Seek an opportunity to quarrel or argue with someone. For example, I don't want to pick a quarrel with you, or Jason was always in trouble for picking fights. These terms use pick in the sense of "select." [Mid-1400s]
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pick a ˈfight/ˈquarrel (with somebody)

deliberately start a fight or an argument (with somebody): Why do you always pick fights with other boys?At work he’s always picking quarrels.
See also: fight, pick, quarrel

quarrel over

To have an argument or dispute about something: The siblings quarreled over their inheritance.
See also: over, quarrel

quarrel with

1. To have an argument or dispute with someone: The coach quarreled with the umpire.
2. To have a complaint about something; disagree with something: I can't quarrel with the test results.
See also: quarrel
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Women who are sisters and who have been taken out of the airplane are now suing the airline, claiming they were not involved in the quarrel.
The police boss said the quarrel is being treated as the main reason why the student might have been pushed into the act.
Long ago it seemed that sometimes a little happiness would shine in their world of quarrels and misunderstandings.
14 -- Even among the happiest couples a quarrel can break out without a valid reason despite they believe they are the most perfect couples in the world.
The source said that the elements of Daash organization quarreled near Riyadh area west of Kirkuk due to the worsening of living standards and food security and humanitarian situation after surrounding Hawija and areas around it three weeks ago, where the quarrel developed when an element of Daash opened fire on the detachment of the organization, killing two of them and fled .
Member of parliament Zeinab Salem was assaulted on Friday by a police officer from Nasr City police department following a quarrel, state-run newspaper Al-Ahram reported.
BDI's Information Center refuted the information that there was a quarrel in the party seat resulting with a fight.
7th Channel clarified that a quarrel broke out between the Arab citizens and the Jewish extremist settlers who were provoking them.
While other forms of dialogue are constructive and follow logical reasoning, the quarrel is often destructive, plagued by logical fallacies, and highly emotional.
The quarrel exposed among police and the group after they refused to leave the building and resisted the police.
A verbal argument developed into a physical quarrel and, finally, the victim was bitten on her lip.
Summary: The main suspect in a quarrel over a women that led to the killing of three men and the suicide of a fourth was arrested in the Akkar village of Halba, the National News Agency reported Sunday evening.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani has imprisoned his father and former Emir after a quarrel over former Queen Sheikha Moza, security officers of the Royal palace disclosed, adding that the furious emir has fired several shots to warn his father.
Summary: The Ras Al Khaimah Police arrested a 27-year-old Ethiopian woman on Monday for allegedly stabbing a compatriot man using a sharp knife during a quarrel between them in their house.
NNA - Caretaker Economy Minister Nicolas Nahhas said on Saturday that Lebanese parties are at quarrel on holding an urgent Cabinet session to tackle the oil exploration.