in a quandary

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in a quandary

In a situation in which one is unsure what to do or confused or perplexed about the best course of action; in a predicament. I was in a quandary about whether I should stay at home with the kids or spend a lot of money to put them in daycare.

*in a quandary

uncertain about what to do; perplexed. (*Typically: be ~; get [into] ~.) Mary was in a quandary about what college to go to. I couldn't decide what to do. I was in such a quandary.

in a ˈquandary

uncertain about what to do in a particular situation: She’s in a bit of a quandary about which of the jobs to accept.
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Even if ranked-choice voting eliminates spoilers and resolves the lesser-of-evils quandary, the system may have other problems that the existing one does not.
In the early 1960s my father, a construction worker, would come home from work complaining about a moral quandary.
Virtually no one holds the school system solely to blame for its quandary.
This month's cover story, "Time crunched" (pages 12-17), explores how this cultural quandary plays out in the short term, how our day-to-day lives reflect a fast-paced culture and the pressure we face to do more, make more, and "be" more.
In the midst of discussing the ethics of all this, "multiple birth educator" Lynda Hatton mused, "The quandary is, if you're killing your kids, how can you be a good parent?
In fact, I remember one time when I didn't even know what wasn't being done properly, but explaining why took care of the quandary.
With a whole team missing through injury, unavailability, illness and work commitments, team boss Law could easily have been in a quandary over team selection but his large squad has solved the problem.
The uncertainty leaves city and town clerks, who are charged with issuing marriage licenses, in a quandary.
This gulf between his own intensive preoccupation with often little-known authors and the sketchy knowledge others may have of them has placed Simpson in a certain quandary that is really no one's fault.
I HAVE been in a quandary regarding a strange em ail I received yesterday.
On January 6, Florida voters faced a new quandary in Broward County's special election for the District 91 state House seat left vacant by Connie Mack.
Even if Congress does not enact caps on noneconomic awards this year, there are other possible fixes to the medical malpractice quandary, says Michelle M.
The change has thrown these schools into something of a quandary.
In the "Forethoughts" that introduce the collection, Ozick identifies as her central concern the quandary arising from the uneasy relation between politics and art.