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*qualms (about someone or something)

an uneasy feeling of one's conscience about someone or something. (*Typically: cause ~; have ~; have no ~; give someone ~.) Do you have any qualms about telling a little white lie to Mary about her not getting an invitation to the party?
See also: qualm
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Qualm used a reciprocating saw to cut the 18-inch-diameter cores and plans to make more for next year's garden.
I am obviously biased but I would have no qualms about putting him to the side to face Ireland and play against O'Driscoll.
I hope some journalist has the guts to ask John Kerry (Skull and Bones, 1965) and George Bush (Skull and Bones, 1967) whether they have any qualms about belonging to a secret, oath-bound network since their college days," wrote the author of a May 18 column for the Yale Politic.
Now participating in the 2004 Whitney Biennial, the young Angeleno was groomed for art stardom before she finished UCLA, and she has no qualms about asserting an abject post-Pop irony that courts serious collectors and high production values.
If it's done properly, then I have no qualms with it," he says.
He had no qualms about playing in the gutter and he wasn't a "great" writer, but he had a spark, a style, a way of "talking" that was mesmerizing.
Such cities have no qualms about bidding out comprehensive collection and processing contracts (or in a few cases, managing the process themselves) and in budgeting ongoing resident education messages to keep participation rates high.
She is obsessed with money and power, and has no qualms about using others to get them.
The Emperor's chief advisor had no apparent qualms about getting his ducks all in a row; conflict-of-interest legislation had yet to manifest.
Since the California statute had run out, the questioner hoped to skip notifying the FTB, but he had qualms about that and posted a question about what to do.
To believe that the committed anti-life radicals in charge of UNICEF would have any qualms about doing so is naive to the highest degree.
he also noted, "While it's hard to imagine that Harvard has qualms about the University of Phoenix encroaching on its target market, peer institutions with comparable brand names have begun to lure top students with an "anywhere, anytime" degree delivery strategy.
Scully seemed to have no qualms about having the notorious Medicare "cliff' cuts restored this year, but cautioned attendees that the Bush administration views physicians' concerns about Medicare cutbacks as its "number one" provider priority.
Placebos pack enough therapeutic punch to calm ethical qualms about their use in antidepressant studies, conclude psychiatrist Arif Khan of the Northwest Clinical Research Center in Bellevue, Wash.
Students wanting to find out how, and by what stages, a nation that had formerly engaged in this traffic with few qualms came to regard it with revulsion would do well to start here.