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qualify as something

to fulfill the requirements to be something. Tom qualified as a mechanic. I have been qualified as a mechanic since I was twenty.
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qualify for something

to meet the requirements for something. I'm sorry, you do not qualify for this job. I don't qualify for it.
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qualify someone as something

to cause someone to fulfill the requirements for something. Does this course qualify me as a stockbroker? She qualified herself as a realtor.
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qualify someone for something

to enable someone to meet the requirements for something. His years with the company qualified him for pension. Does this ticket qualify me for the drawing?
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qualify for

1. To be competent or eligible for something, such as an office, job, or benefit: After one year on the job, you will qualify for a raise.
2. To cause someone to be competent or eligible for something: That certificate qualifies you for a promotion.
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401(a) qualified trust, the final regulations provide further guidance.
to be sure that all students in all schools are served by highly qualified staff," says Dr.
Taxpayers with less than 500 acres of qualified timber property are eligible for an increased expensing limit for this property and a five-year (instead of two-year) net operating loss (NOD carryback.
The two other examples illustrate the application of the de minimis rule and the qualified delivery, warranty, and operating manual rules.
17) The Court then stressed that the critical issue in determining if qualified immunity is warranted is whether the officer had fair notice that the conduct in issue was unlawful.
Employers may contribute to each plan, but they should understand that discrimination rules may impact the operation of the programs, resulting in unintended consequences if the HSA cannibalizes the qualified retirement plan.
equipment that uses solar energy to generate electricity), 2) solar water heating property, and 3) qualified fuel cells.
93-19 is concerned primarily with whether the qualified user pays a service provider reasonable compensation for services and whether the compensation arrangement between the parties conforms to one of the safe harbor provision compensation arrangements.
Because of such restrictions--and the fact that not all companies offer an array of qualified benefits--many executives earning over $75,000 are likely candidates for a non-qualified plan.
Obligation may not be a private activity bond (other than a qualified Sec.
The top-10 drivers from each of the four Elite Divisions qualified for the race.
The highly qualified teacher requirement of No Child Left Behind is one tenet that everyone agrees sounds good on paper, yet no state was able to meet the 2005-2006 deadline to have a highly qualified teacher in every core course by the end of the school year.
Loans from qualified plans may not exceed the lesser of $50,000 or 50% of the individual's nonforfeitable accrued benefit under section 72(p).
As public companies have struggled to comply, private companies--in particular, those with qualified plans, also have found themselves within SOX's reach.
02 permits expenditures for compensation and benefits for existing workers to be considered qualified reinvestments as worker hiring and training expenses.
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