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be putty in (one's) hands

To be easy to control or bend to one's wishes. (Putty is a very malleable material.) Oh, come on, Julia is putty in our hands—we can definitely get her to help us with this prank.
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putty in (one's) hands

Easy to control or bend to one's wishes. (Putty is a very malleable material.) Oh, come on, Julia is putty in our hands—we can definitely get her to help us with this prank.
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up to putty

Worthless; totally ruined or gone wrong. Primarily heard in Australia. All our hard work will be up to putty if they pull their investments now. It's no wonder things have gotten so bad—the whole political system is up to putty!
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*putty in someone's hands

Fig. [of someone] easily influenced by someone else; excessively willing to do what someone else wishes. (Putty is soft and malleable. *Typically: be ~; seem like ~.) Bob's wife is putty in his hands. She never thinks for herself. Jane is putty in her mother's hands. She always does exactly what her mother says.
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putty in someone's hands

A person who is easily influenced or malleable, as in Dean adored his little granddaughter; he was putty in her hands. This metaphoric term, first recorded in 1924, transfers the malleable quality of putty to human behavior. Also see twist around one's finger.
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putty in your hands

If someone is putty in your hands, they will do anything you ask them to do. Simon proved to be putty in his hands. I was completely in awe of him — I was putty in his hands. Note: You can also just say that someone is putty. Sometimes he'd do something like bring her a box of chocolates and she would be putty for a week. Note: Putty is a thick paste that is used to fix sheets of glass into window frames.
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be like putty (or wax) in someone's hands

be easily manipulated or dominated by someone.
1975 Sam Selvon Moses Ascending Bob was there, and I gave him a little bit of crumpet, and afterwards he was like putty in my hands.
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up to putty

below the required standard; useless. Australian informal
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(like) putty in somebody’s ˈhands

(informal) willing to do anything somebody wants or tells you to do: As soon as she starts crying, I’m putty in her hands. OPPOSITE: (as) stubborn as a mule
Putty is a soft flexible substance used for fixing glass in windows.
See also: hand, putty
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When our putty leaves the factory it does not stick to human skin in such a way that it would not be removable.
In all patients, the left side was grafted with DBM putty form (DynaGraft Keystone Dental, Burlington, Massachusetts) and the right side was grafted with DBM powder form (Pacific Coast Tissue Bank, Los Angeles, California).
Remove any excess putty with the knife, then brush down with a dry brush.
Dave Edwards, steward at Souter Lighthouse said: "I was really pleased with how smoothly we'd done the work and was annoyed to see the next morning that half the putty had been pecked out.
Linseed oil putty can be messy to work with so wet your hands to prevent sticking, and if necessary roll the putty on newspaper or card to remove some of the oil.
5 Use a putty knife to form a 45-degree angle - wet the knife if needed to prevent it from dragging.
Appropriate for single and dual stage implants, the putty form goes directly from package to placement to deliver unprecedented ease-of-handling without compromising the quality of the outcome.
Clean out all cracked putty between the glass and the frame.
The Canvas Home Basics Paint System includes primer, interior matte latex wall paint, sample size cans, furniture, cabinet and trim paint and latex wall putty.
Also high-volume Big Willie polyester putty dispensers and high-viscosity adhesive dispensing.
To achieve that look, putty will be applied to the casting surface to fill any blemishes and pinholes.
There's also PPE gloves and goggles, as well as PIG Multi-Purpose Repair Putty and disposal bags.
introduces a new camouflage Ear Band-It[R] headband and a red, white, and blue 3-pair pack of Putty Buddies[R] earplugs.
In other experiments, Jacopo Taddeucci of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Rome and his colleagues used the toy called Silly Putty as a magma substitute.