put (something) right

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put (something) right

To fix, correct, or make amends for something. I know I said some things I shouldn't have, so I'm here to put things right between us. We need to put this right before we launch the product, or else we'll have bigger problems once it's in the wild.
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put right

Fix, make amends, correct, as in The wheel's come off, but we can put that right in no time, or Victor thought we were moving out, but we put him right. [Late 1800s]
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put something ˈright

correct something; repair something: There seems to be a mistake in my hotel bill. I wonder if you could put it right, please?There’s nothing seriously wrong with your television. I can put it right in ten minutes.
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ˌput things ˈright

do something to improve a difficult situation or correct a mistake: The company is inefficient. A good director could put things right very quickly.
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Adam Beckett, Propositions Director for Aviva UK says: When things go wrong around the home, the cost of putting things right is very often at the front of peoples minds.
We are encouraged that Dollar is committed to putting things right for its customers.
The lads are in a great frame of mind and we are looking forward to putting things right.
She pointed to a "fresh focus on putting things right on the ward".
MIKE WILLIAMSON feels the challenge of putting things right at Stoke tonight will outweigh any fears that the Potters' 13-game unbeaten home run will guarantee more Magpies misery.
Since Sheishenbek Baizakov is putting things right in the penitentiary system, he was reappointed as State Penitentiary Service Chairman, Omurbek Babanov explained.
Weakest area in builders' performance was putting things right after moving-in day: 65 per cent of owners were "very" or "fairly" satisfied, against 23 per cent dissatisfied.
CBS and Rather in their milquetoast attempt at putting things right need to go to the next step and apologize to the person who they helped slander, the president.
So, take a big deep breath and try putting things right.
I'mlooking forward to the chance to really start putting things right in the summer.
So we're all looking forward to going to Hull KR on Saturday and putting things right.
The cost for putting things right at Holton Road school, Barry, is between pounds 10,000 and pounds 15,000, a crown prosecutor said.
It's in everyone's interests for us to have a way of putting things right which is fair, and which patients can use with confidence, without having to go via the courts," he said.
YOU need a copy of the leaflet Putting Things Right - How To Complain.
Town's 1-0 Boxing Day home defeat bys Hartlepool was 'disappointing' admitted Arfield, but he is looking forward to putting things right at Southampton tomorrow.
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