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be putty in (one's) hands

To be easy to control or bend to one's wishes. (Putty is a very malleable material.) Oh, come on, Julia is putty in our hands—we can definitely get her to help us with this prank.
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*putty in someone's hands

Fig. [of someone] easily influenced by someone else; excessively willing to do what someone else wishes. (Putty is soft and malleable. *Typically: be ~; seem like ~.) Bob's wife is putty in his hands. She never thinks for herself. Jane is putty in her mother's hands. She always does exactly what her mother says.
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putty in your hands

willing to do anything you want As soon as Jones realized he could get in trouble if they reported him, he became putty in their hands.
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be putty in your hands

if someone is putty in your hands, they will do anything you want them to do, usually because they like you so much He can't say no to her - he's putty in her hands.
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putty in someone's hands

A person who is easily influenced or malleable, as in Dean adored his little granddaughter; he was putty in her hands. This metaphoric term, first recorded in 1924, transfers the malleable quality of putty to human behavior. Also see twist around one's finger.
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Reliable and accurate catalyst delivery in putties with viscosities above 1 million cp is said to be ensured by hydraulically (rather than mechanically) slaving the catalyst pump to the putty pump.
NASDAQ:WMGI), a global orthopaedic medical device company specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of reconstructive joint devices and biologic materials, today announced receipt of marketing clearance from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for ALLOMATRIX(R) C, ALLOMATRIX(R) Custom, and ALLOMATRIX(R) DR bone graft putties that contain demineralized bone matrix (DBM) and specific volumes and configurations of donor matched, cancellous bone chips.
Fentak is a leading supplier of a wide range of specialty chemical materials to the engineered wood sector, including release agents, edge sealants, catalysts, cleaners and conditioners, and filler putties.
AlloFuse DBM offers several advantages: -- Proven bioactivity - every batch of DBM is tested for osteoinductivity -- Unique carrier - is biocompatible and resists irrigation -- High DBM content - one of the highest DBM contents of DBM putties and gels on the market today -- Produced with high standards of safety - produced under AATB/FDA guidelines -- Exceptional handling characteristics - moldable to any shape; can be packed into any defect size; does not stick to surgical gloves; firms up at human body temperatures -- Validated sterilization - electron beam sterilized after final product packaging -- Competitively priced - because AlloSource is a non-profit company, we are able to offer AlloFuse DBM products at pricing competitive with other comparable putties and gels
Envirofil can be used in semi-metallic and organic based formulations, in addition to many other applications including asphalts, concrete cements, chlorine cell putties, plastics, acrylics, latex paints, corrosion and rust protective coatings, welding rod coatings, and wood furnishes.
This high heat resistant mineral may be used as an additive in the following applications; brake disc pads, gasketing, asphalts, concrete cements, chlorine cell putties, plastics, acrylics, latex paints, corrosion and rust protective coatings, welding rod coatings, and wood furnishes.