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*putty in someone's hands

Fig. [of someone] easily influenced by someone else; excessively willing to do what someone else wishes. (Putty is soft and malleable. *Typically: be ~; seem like ~.) Bob's wife is putty in his hands. She never thinks for herself. Jane is putty in her mother's hands. She always does exactly what her mother says.
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putty in your hands

willing to do anything you want As soon as Jones realized he could get in trouble if they reported him, he became putty in their hands.
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be putty in your hands

if someone is putty in your hands, they will do anything you want them to do, usually because they like you so much He can't say no to her - he's putty in her hands.
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putty in someone's hands

A person who is easily influenced or malleable, as in Dean adored his little granddaughter; he was putty in her hands. This metaphoric term, first recorded in 1924, transfers the malleable quality of putty to human behavior. Also see twist around one's finger.
See also: hand, putty