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putt along

to move along rapidly, usually in a motorized vehicle. ("Putt-putt" is the sound made to mimic engines, especially small engines.) The little car was putting along down the highway, when one of the tires went flat. We were putting along very smoothly all the way into town.
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n. a small motorized vehicle, especially a small car. That’s not a motorcycle; it’s just a little putt-putt.
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As well as Woo putted - notably with a long downhill lag for a short par tap on the severely sloped 18th green - she also absorbed four bogeys, the last of which cost her a championship playoff after a brilliant approach over a tree to the 17th green.
Over the first 11 holes was about as good as I can putt; probably the best I ever putted for 11 holes.
Nick Price, long one of the PGA Tour's best ball-strikers, putted his way to the top of the leaderboard in the Colonial in Fort Worth, Texas.
I've putted OK and struggled with my ball striking, but there have been plenty of times when my ball striking has kept me in it when I struggled with my putting.
If I had putted a little bit better, I'd have been right there for the championship.
I putted terribly the first 12 holes,'' said Sutherland, who turned 34 Sunday.
I'm hitting the ball and certainly this is the best I've putted since June or July.