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The bones of dead men lay man high upon the broad floor of the first cave, and over all was a putrid mush of decaying flesh, through which the apts had beaten a hideous trail toward the entrance to the second cave beyond.
They were sombre blues, opaque like a delicately carved bowl in lapis lazuli, and yet with a quivering lustre that suggested the palpitation of mysterious life; there were purples, horrible like raw and putrid flesh, and yet with a glowing, sensual passion that called up vague memories of the Roman Empire of Heliogabalus; there were reds, shrill like the berries of holly -- one thought of Christmas in England, and the snow, the good cheer, and the pleasure of children -- and yet by some magic softened till they had the swooning tenderness of a dove's breast; there were deep yellows that died with an unnatural passion into a green as fragrant as the spring and as pure as the sparkling water of a mountain brook.
No," he said, "you are right, I cannot do it--I am no German," and he raised the point of his blade and sunk it deep into the putrid heart of Hauptmann Fritz Schneider, putting a bloody period to the Hun's last gasping cry: "I did not do it
This be no Corphal, but only a woman of Helium; her companion a warrior who can match blades with the best of you and cut your putrid hearts.
He showed no mercy, but backed the Earl relentlessly into a corner of the room, and when he had him there where he could escape in no direction, he drove his blade so deep through his putrid heart that the point buried itself an inch in the oak panel beyond.
The naked skin on the head of a vulture is generally looked at as a direct adaptation for wallowing in putridity; and so it may be, or it may possibly be due to the direct action of putrid matter; but we should be very cautious in drawing any such inference, when we see that the skin on the head of the clean-feeding male turkey is likewise naked.
This can hardly be the case in America, because the huachos, although often found addled and putrid, are generally whole.
Why is it that a bucket of water soon becomes putrid, but frozen remains sweet forever?
The putrid old man would kill him and eat him, for the goats would never be forthcoming.
No, I'm half-poisoned by Theobald's prescriptions and putrid cigarettes, and as weak as a cat from lying in bed.
Sandra Lloyd Recyclable material is still being put in rubbish bags because people are buying bigger rubbish bags has anyone noticed, so basically it must still going in the landfill,l food too as people can't be bothered to put it in bags to recycle or just leave the food in the bins so the council men take it, must be putrid.
Neighbours on Ripon Street said the rubbish has attracted rats and that they cannot open their windows because of the "vile, putrid smell".
First song I heard from Putrid Pile was called "Shit Body Painting.
The Rossettes must have been furious, especially when you consider that on the one previous occasion Ross encountered someone with a contagious disease like putrid throat he stripped off and burned his clothes on the spot.
And the Alamogordo Daily News reports that Otero County officials are deciding whether to relocate staff that can no longer put up with the putrid smell in the Administration Annex Building's basement.