put upon by

put upon by someone

to be made use of to an unreasonable degree. (*Typically passive.) My mother was always put upon by her neighbors. She was too nice to refuse their requests for help. Jane feels put upon by her live-in mother-in-law.
See also: by, put, upon
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As the owner of a small, functional car, I am one of those who are often put upon by drivers of bigger cars/ vehicles who often expect their 'lesser' road users to either give way or get out of it.
They are hard working, often put upon by patients, and are also life savers.
The evocative illustrations show us a quite fearsome lion, and a woman who will not be put upon by lion or human.
Expectations are once again high for Hamilton ahead of Sunday's race but he said: "As a driver and competitor the most pressure is put upon by yourself," he said.
Indeed Mailer's Father and Son have a lot in common: both are full of themselves, both are fond of self-dramatization and both tend to feel put upon by their public responsibilities.