put under the microscope

put something under the microscope

to examine or think about a situation very carefully
Usage notes: A microscope is a piece of scientific equipment that allows you to see small things very clearly.
Because they're both public figures, their relationship has been put under the microscope.
See also: microscope, put
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SUPPORT from the Welsh Assembly for the Airbus wing plant in Flintshire is to be put under the microscope by the World Trade Organisation.
RESIDENTS in a North-East community will today mon see their floral displays put under the microscope by a panel of judges.
Ayr was the only Scottish resorts of nine top seaside towns in the UK put under the microscope.
THE future of Liverpool's historic Littlewoods Building was put under the microscope yesterday.
Everything - from the regulation Armani suits for the squad, to training methods, to the current formation - has been put under the microscope.
The economic impact and growth potential of horseracing in Scotland were also put under the microscope in the in-depth report released at Musselburgh yesterday.
A total of 29 cases were put under the microscope to determine whether or not it was necessary for the women involved to have their wombs removed.
MODERN-DAY living in Cardiff Bay is to be put under the microscope for the first time by national house builder Bellway.
The current system was put under the microscope after it was discovered James Wisheart, the former medical director at United Bristol Hospitals Trust, received almost pounds 200,000 in "merit" bonuses despite an inquiry into his role in the deaths of 29 babies.
Although Labour cleared all councillors of the allegations of votes-for- trips, the council's leadership pledged every jaunt abroad would be put under the microscope before being approved.
His tempestuous relationship with his wife Caitlin will also be put under the microscope.
Arts, museums and events services delivered by a Teesside council are being put under the microscope.
Her lifestyle is being put under the microscope again in a new documentary made by a Channel 4 team.
FRIDAY Reputations (BBC2, 9pm) Prince Albert, consort of Queen Victoria, is put under the microscope in the first of a new series.
The pounds 750mGrosvenor Henderson blueprint for the ParadiseStreet area will be put under the microscope on Tuesday at the Athenaeum, Church Alley,Liverpool at 10-30am.