put to rest

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be put to rest

1. To be buried in a grave after having died. My poor mother was finally put to rest after a long, painful fight with cancer. I want to be put to rest with the seed of a tree, so that instead of a headstone, I might have a living testament to my resting place.
2. To be resolved, ended, or set straight, as of a problem or dispute. Well, I'm glad that point of contention between you two has finally been put to rest. The brothers' rivalry was put to rest after both agreed to share their father's estate equally.
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put (someone or something) to rest

1. To bury someone who has died. They're putting Paul to rest on Saturday, and I plan to go to the funeral service. Before you put me to rest, please make sure deliver this package to my estranged son.
2. By extension, to stop or finish discussing, thinking about, or focusing on something. OK, I think we have to agree to disagree. Let's just put the issue to rest and stop arguing. Why are you still being so jealous? I thought we'd put this all to rest ages ago.
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put something to rest

 and lay something to rest
Fig. to put an end to a rumor; to finish dealing with something and forget about it. I've heard enough about Ann and her illness. I'd like to put the whole matter to rest. I'll be happy to lay it to rest, but will Jane?
See also: put, rest
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Rumours of a tiff between the two put to rest during photo- ops
This matter can only be put to rest by a vote, because there will always be members from Telangana and Seemandhra.
If their interpretation is accepted by the academic community, it will put to rest the "Inca paradox"--the question of why these early Americans had the only complex empire with no written form of communication.
The announcement that Marsh & McLennan would keep the businesses put to rest recent speculation that Marsh intended to divest itself of Putnam, which has suffered financially from regulatory investigations and lawsuits over alleged market timing and excessive short-term trading by its employees, as well as "shelf space" arrangements with broker-dealers.
This issue needs to be put to rest before we [can] make a broad recommendation" regarding calcium supplements, he says.
Des Moines, the Supreme Court put to rest the notion that "either students or teachers shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate," ruling that only demonstrable disruption of a public school's educational mission can be restricted.
Something evil lurks under the surface on the lovely island of Raven's Point, and unless it is put to rest, it will destroy everything and everyone in its path.
We are all in our 50s and would like to see this argument finally put to rest.
That joke should be the last word on an issue that must be put to rest.
We will drink, party, and socialize to the point of exhaustion but will never put to rest the lonely fires within us.
In an effort to put to rest Sigmund Freud's long-held premise that gays and lesbians are just immature heterosexuals, Mark Biernbaum, an assistant professor of child development at California State University, Sacramento, questioned 56 Seattle-area 18- to 25-year-olds, matching each non straight participant with a straight peer.
Spacey, 44, said: 'I would like to put to rest a rumour that has been spreading about town .
For example, Taddeo's approach to Cervantes's La espanola inglesa hinges on the assumption that the novela is best understood as romance, a view put to rest by Carroll Johnson in his article "La espanola inglesa and the Practice of Literary Production" (Viator 19 [1988]).
Many early concerns about the utility of genomics technologies have largely been put to rest, but several issues remain to be resolved if toxicogenomics is to live up to its full potential.
Half a century later, the view of nature as a teacher was put to rest by Matthew Arnold, in a poem entitled "To an Independent Preacher.