put to bed

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put (one) to bed

To help someone prepare for and get into bed at night. I'll give you a call after I put Sarah to bed. Tom had a bit too much to drink, so I'm going to put him to bed.
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put (something) to bed

1. To complete something or some initial preparatory phase. I thought you'd put the proofreading for that edition to bed weeks ago! We should be able to put this project to bed next week.
2. To stop discussing, thinking about, or focusing on something. OK, I think we have to agree to disagree. Let's just put the issue to bed and stop arguing. Why are you still being so jealous? I thought we'd put this all to bed ages ago.
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put someone to bed

 and send someone to bed
to make someone go to bed. Mother put Jimmy to bed and kissed him. Sally was naughty and was sent to bed.
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put something to bed

Fig. to complete work on something and send it on to the next step in production, especially in publishing. (From put someone to bed.) This week's edition is finished. Let's put it to bed. Finish the editing of this book and put it to bed.
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put to bed

Complete something and either set it aside or send it on to the next step, as in We put the magazine to bed at ten, or They said they'd put the whole project to bed at least a month ago. This expression, transferring nighttime retirement to other kinds of completion, was first applied to a newspaper, where it meant "send to press," that is, start to print. [Mid-1900s]
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put to bed

1. To make final preparations for the printing of (a newspaper, for example).
2. To make final preparations for completing (a project).
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As far as I'm concerned, it's been put to bed, we've reached an agreement," he said.
It's not the appropriate site and we are looking forward to this being put to bed.
A few short weeks ago, Damien (left) was struggling to keep his tour card, but those fears have been put to bed with two big finishes at the Welsh and KLM Opens.
Newcastle Crown Court heard four children, all aged under five, were in the house at the time but fortunately they were being put to bed by their mother upstairs.
The only thing I will say - and then it is put to bed - is that the football club and everyone at the football club is totally and utterly fully behind Luis Suarez," said the Scot.
On Saturday the game should have been put to bed before the hour mark.
CARDIFF CITY boss Dave Jones praised his rampant Bluebirds - and said this opening-day win firmly put to bed their nightmare end to last season.
THE Irish Flat season will be put to bed at Dundalk on Friday, and Pat Smullen regains the jockeys' championship having sealed the issue with a double at last Friday's Polytrack meeting.
PLEASE can we once and for all put to bed that old David Moyes chestnut - Everton, the People's Club.
West Midlands Police officers searching for six-month-old Troy ( who went missing after being put to bed on Monday night ( sealed off the area of rough ground in the Smethwick area of Birmingham.
WILL John Toshack please use the build-up to the match against Slovenia next week to put to bed once and for all the Robbie Savage saga?
They're trying to put to bed any speculation that they'd move to another L.
I WAS shocked to read that elderly patients are put to bed in the afternoon at St Joseph's Hospital, Trim, due to a shortage of nurses.
If there was any lingering doubt about Pepe Reina's future at Anfield then it has been put to bed this week.
The German has struggled with reliablity issues so far but is hoping they've been put to bed.