put things right

put (something) right

To fix, correct, or make amends for something. I know I said some things I shouldn't have, so I'm here to put things right between us. We need to put this right before we launch the product, or else we'll have bigger problems once it's in the wild.
See also: put, right

ˌput things ˈright

do something to improve a difficult situation or correct a mistake: The company is inefficient. A good director could put things right very quickly.
See also: put, right, thing
References in classic literature ?
He gave me a look of appeal, so that I might put things right, but, unable to control myself, I shook with helpless laughter.
Whenever she said nothing and blinked her eyes, it meant that somebody had been making trouble, and she was thinking out some way to put things right.
I thought you would have helped me to put things right with Blanche," he said.
Pete's attempts to put things right with the San Martins dosn't go to plan, Karen encourages Kevin to build bridges with Hughie and Damien, and Caoimhe tries to put things right, but is it too little too late?
However, some households spend a great deal more than they had budgeted for, as one in five (22%) admit that they have had to pay for a professional to put things right, when theyd had a DIY task go wrong.
Match-winner McClean (left) said: "The management said to us 'don't leave here with any regrets' and we had 45 minutes to put things right, and thankfully we did that.
Garry Monk felt Swansea's first-half comeback against Bournemouth showed their hunger to put things right at the Liberty Stadium.
He said: "We dropped off too much against Zebre and the team need to put things right.
He said: "It is proper that we put things right where they have gone wrong.
HONEST Giants captain Danny Brough knows the players owe it to themselves and the fans to put things right tonight.
After all, they all tell the same tale: vote for us and we will put things right.
Your Legal Friend are here to help put things right.
We've got another game on Wednesday, when we can put things right straight away.
Common sense expects them to work on mend relations with the people that have shown and worked on their friendship despite the dark history and try to put things right for a lasting peace in the area, and that does not happen by stirring further disputes.