put the skids under

put the skids under (someone or something)

To cause the ruin, failure, or defeat of someone or something. Her frequent absences from work put the skids under any hopes she had of a promotion. The boss accused Theresa of trying to put the skids under him.
See also: put, skid

put the skids under someone or something

Sl. to cause someone or something to fail. Her lateness put the skids under our presentation to the board of directors. He thought he could get promoted if he put the skids under the vice president.
See also: put, skid

put the skids under

Bring about the failure or defeat of, as in It was lack of funds that put the skids under the new senior center. The skids here are runners or rollers on which a heavy object may be moved. [Colloquial; early 1900s]
See also: put, skid

put the skids under

hasten the decline or failure of. informal
See also: put, skid

put the ˈskids under somebody/something

(informal) make somebody/something fail; stop somebody/something doing something: Unfortunately the government has put the skids under the hospital building programme.
See also: put, skid, somebody, something
References in periodicals archive ?
Neymar (left) needed just 14 seconds to put the skids under Honduras - and Brazil never looked back.
The low point was the 2-1 defeat at Scunthorpe United in September 2014 when his decision to red-card Reda Johnson put the skids under an impressive start to the season by Steven Pressley's side.
VLADIMIR WEISS swears Slovakia will put the skids under Scotland and England.
The Fijian prop, signed from North Queensland Cowboys, was the standout performer alongside Stefan Ratchford who put the skids under his old club with an impressive show.
TWO goals from Greg Draper put the skids under the Druids as The New Saints stayed nine points clear at the top with victory at the Rock.
Players went daft on a slippy, moving surface that put the skids under the venturesome, and a snow-spray in the eye of the loiterer.
A Robbie Walters brace had the visitors on course for all three points but Christian Allen pulled one back before Sam Brown's last-gasp leveller put the skids under the visitors.
The hosts struck 193-4 thanks to knocks from F Din (26), S Khan (71) and K Mahmood (52) before M Qayoom (5-19) put the skids under Balti Hut.
MOTOR RACING: Lewis Hamilton believes he has to regain the confidence of everyone at Mercedes after admitting to a braking problem that has put the skids under his campaign.
But Jordan Follows and Chris Venables put the skids under Bangor's title challenge.
Big Branners, a player born to be described as a no-nonsense centre-back, would know how to put the skids under little Leo and no mistake.
Two goals in the space of a minute put the skids under the Mid Wales visitors, with Carmarthen taking a 59th minute lead after Lee Hartshorn had brought down Steffan Williams in the box.
Second-half goals from Gary Teale, Neil Mellor and Clinton Morrison secured a 3-0 win that put the skids under Championship side City and gave the League One underdogs a massive boost.
Wendall Wagner put the skids under Walsall's batting by claiming five for 14 as the Gorway side were bowled out for 117.
Darren Stevens put the skids under Somerset after Kent had won the toss on the opening day at Taunton.