put the mockers on

put the mockers on something

  (British informal)
to spoil something or to prevent it happening Carol's parents decided to stay in on Saturday night, which put the mockers on her plans for a party.
See also: on, put
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It is more than 20 years now since the Brazilian legend put the mockers on Colombia, suggesting they could win the 1994 World Cup.
BARCELONA being taken apart by Bayern Munich on Tuesday night didn't just put the mockers on a Gran Classico in the Champions League final at Wembley.
Don't want to put the mockers on him but the 7-1 I got looks nice now.
SEAN LINEEN admits he is amazed Cardiff have put the mockers on Dan Parks' farewell to Firhill.
The following day Clwyd West Tory MP David Jones put the mockers on the notion.
I think the JLS thing last year put the mockers on someone actually turning the lights on," he added.
Schwarzer can see the similarities but is hoping the result is radically different against an Atletico side who put the mockers on an all-English final by dumping Liverpool out in the semi-finals.
Using the TV-b-gone you can put the mockers on your friend's, co-workers' and family's enjoyment of Strictly Ice Factor in one surreptitious stroke.
This week, though, we are hoping not to put the mockers on Warren Gatland's men by going for them to make it two wins out of two.
I never like to tip my horses on Twitter before a race as it can put the mockers on them.
He gave Wolves a free-kick outside the box for a foul committed two yards inside it, while his assistant Ron Ganfield - wearing a baseball cap and not in line - ruled that a cross had gone out of play just before he put the mockers on Kevin Doyle's 'equaliser' in injury time.
CRYSTAL-clear water and a flat calm put the mockers on the Dysart Open even before it began - and three inches of overnight snow, which promptly froze, did nothing to improve things.
Let''s just hope the reported cutback in culture funding the city is talking about doesn''t put the mockers on any of this.
I DON'T want to put the mockers on the recent Land Girls TV programme, but if this was to be the beginning of the war the makers want to portray things as they were.
I SEEM to have put the mockers on Wigan Warriors forward Iafeta Palea'asina.