put the arm on

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put the arm on (one)

To ask or pressure someone for a loan or donation of money. Jane's good-for-nothing brother is always comes skulking around our place every couple of weeks to put the arm on us for a few bucks. The alumni association of my old university puts the arm on me once or twice a year looking for a donation.
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put the arm on someone

Fig. to apply pressure to someone. John's been putting the arm on Mary to get her to go out with him. John has been putting the arm on Bill to get him to cooperate.
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put the arm on

Also, put the bite or touch on . Ask for or demand money, as in He's the youngest and he's always putting the arm on Dad. The first of these slangy usages, first recorded in 1939, alludes to a robber assaulting someone by yoking his arm around the victim's throat. The bite variant, first recorded in 1919, similarly alludes to a violent attack. The last, touch, has been slang for "theft" since the mid-1800s.
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put the arm on

attempt to force or coerce someone to do something. North American informal
See also: arm, on, put
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Daily star: "mad dog" Emanuel Pogatetz put the bite back into Boro with his first goal for the club as Middlesbrough crushed the Black Cats.
The animated ``Shark Tale,'' featuring the voice of Will Smith as an undersea small fry who tells a big fish story, put the bite on the box office with a $47.
A COVENTRY landlady is hoping to put the bite into Burns Night by putting complimentary haggis on the menu in her pub.
ON PATROL: Police in North Wales are trying to put the bite on criminals by using an uniquely qualified officer.
The little alsatian cannot wait to put the bite on Merseyside criminals.
PETER CLOHESSY is out to put the bite into Wales today after being the victim of an outrageous attack last month.
And Rae will be determined to put the bite on Hoops when the two sides meet again next month or else he'll be left bumping his gums again.
GEORGE the border collie is ready to put the bite on again - after being fitted with false teeth.
Players looked on in amazement before a worried-looking assistant manager John Gorman and security guards put the bite on the intruder.
A rare parrot called Chuckie put the bite on Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott yesterday.
But he insists that he will never change his style as he looks to put the bite into Liverpool's midfield like Vieira did for the Gunners.
Celtic great Tommy Gemmell made a star appearance at training during the week and his presence put the bite back into Moore's men.
Today the Gloucester flyer hopes to prove his new heavier physique has what it takes to put the bite on the Barbarians - and a regular international spot.
Iron Mike Tyson is back in the bad books after he put the bite on a New York driver.
A policeman put the bite on Gary when he spotted him scoffing the fast food in slow-moving traffic.