put/set store by something

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put store by (something or someone)

To have faith, confidence, or belief in someone or something; to care about, appreciate, or respect someone or something. I, however, have put store by the promise of the afterlife, so I choose to lead my life piously and devoutly. I'm afraid my brother should be kept off the list of guests, as he's not one to put great store by obeying social rules or etiquette. It's important to have close friends in life that you may put store by when times are tough.
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set store by

Also, set great store by. Regard as valuable or worthwhile, as in I don't set much store by her judgment, or He sets great store by his good name. The word store here is used in the sense of "something precious," a usage that is obsolete except in these terms.
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set (or lay or put) store by (or on)

consider something to be of a particular degree of importance or value.
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put/set (no, great, little, etc.) ˈstore by something

think that something has (no, great, little, etc.) importance or value: She sets little store by what her husband says.Why do some people put such great store by their horoscopes?
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set store by

To regard as valuable or worthwhile.
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