put roots down

put roots down (some place)

to settle down somewhere; to make a place one's permanent home. I'm not ready to put roots down anywhere yet. I'm ready to put down roots someplace. I want to settle down. I want to put roots down and buy a house.
See also: down, put, root
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TRefugees from dozens of countries have put roots down in the town after fleeing violence, persecution or even death in their home countries.
Crosbys' Andrew Wachsberger said: "We're delighted to see a new specialist craft beer bar put roots down in Newcastle.
INTEGRIS began working on plans to put roots down in the Milwaukee region in early 2015 and after several trips from Central Illinois were finally able to find a great landing spot in New Berlin, with the help of Kevin Crary of Capital Commercial.
Increasingly, Dubai is being viewed as a long term consideration for expatriates who are choosing to put roots down in the city and wish to purchase property as homes first foremost and not just assets to turn a profit.
A big emphasis is improving local services to encourage transient workers to permanently put roots down.
Whether he'll ever get the chance now to put roots down here now, well, it's not looking good.
It's great to have such a thriving brand name put roots down in Ireland.
The Beckhams, who currently live in a rented property in West London, are keen to put roots down in the capital.
Anecdotally, he feels more expats are looking to put roots down in the UAE.
TREE-MENDOUS: Elm is branching out and could put roots down at Liverpool
Bulbs have time over the winter months to put roots down so they will be ready and waiting to blossom as soon as the first rays of sunshine break next February.
has also put roots down in Secaucus with a 32,000 s/f office space.
The new college principal is now looking to put roots down in Teesside and has been house hunting with his wife.