put into effect

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put something into effect

 and put something into force
to make something take effect; to begin using or enforcing a policy or procedure. When will the city council put this law into effect? We will put it into force tomorrow.
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He said that a new agreement was signed in 2000 but it had not been put into effect.
7-3), which surrendered five runs in the fourth inning and four more in the fifth for the 10-run mercy rule to be put into effect.
Before their abominable plan is put into effect, the terrorists who seize the plane are similarly unremarkable, and utterly inconspicuous.
The "Disengagement Plan" began at midnight with border crossings to settlements sealed and eviction notices put into effect.
3402(f)(2)-1T(g)(2)(iv), to allow time for an appeal, the employer cannot put into effect the maximum number of withholding exemptions, as stated in the IRS's notice, until at least 45 calendar days after the date of the notice.
8 million units, but will decline to nearly 5 million units in 2009 as stricter emission standards are put into effect in 2007.
However, these targets will be re-examined by the European Parliament and the Council before they are put into effect.
While weather reports did give some advance warning to the areas most likely to be affected, and plans were put into effect, there was little expectation that it would turn into as significant an event as it did.
research aimed at studying the impact of media on the Kadazan/Dusun population of Sabah, particularly focusing on an area, probably around Penampang, in order to assess the results of the Malaysian nation-building project put into effect by the central government through the media and to highlight its successes and failures, as well as its more or less unexpected side-effects and forms of resistance.
Also on the site will be details of Clark's 2004 presidential run as well as his battle plan that he would put into effect should he be elected.
Two federal laws, The Identity and Assumption Deterrence Act, enacted by Congress in October 1998, and the Internet False Identification Prevention Act, enacted in 2000, have also been put into effect.
We, the environmental NGOs attending the (World Summit on Sustainable Development) strongly request the Japanese government support stipulating that the Kyoto Protocol be put into effect before the end of the year and that its implementation is ensured, at an official meeting,'' the NGOs said in a statement.
Programmes explain the content and the spirit of both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the specific rights incorporated in the Ethiopian constitution which were put into effect after 1995.
Surely the days when this policy was first put into effect to accommodate the needs of industry and agriculture have long gone.
The restriction was originally put into effect by President Ronald Reagan but was lifted by President Clinton in 1992.