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put (one) in

In team sports, to choose someone to play or compete. I hope coach puts me in tomorrow; I had to sit on the bench last game. It looks like they're putting in their star quarterback.
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put (something) in

1. To submit or enter something. We put our order in over a month ago, but the shipment still hasn't arrived. The attorney put in a guilty plea in exchange for a lighter sentence for his client.
2. To spend a particular amount of time doing something. My son likes video games, but a friend of his puts in over 6 hours a day! I've been putting in a lot of overtime lately as we get ready to launch our new website.
3. To exert, assert, or expend something (usually "effort"). They played competently, but they just didn't put in enough effort to win. If you don't put your best effort in, there's no way they'll consider you for the job.
4. To set up or install. They're putting in a new meterless parking system across the city that uses your smartphone to pay instead. We had to put in a second internet router so we could get Wi-Fi throughout the house. I heard that the neighbors are going to put in a pool in their back yard.
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put someone in(side) (something)

to place or insert someone inside something. The sheriff put Roger inside the cell and locked the door. He opened the cell door and put Roger in.
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put something in

to submit something, such as an order, request, or demand. In fact, I put the order in some time ago. I put in a request for a new monitor.
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put something in(side someone or something)

to place or insert something inside someone or something. The surgeon put a tube inside Chuck and left it there to drain fluid. While you have the closet door open, will you put this in?
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put in

1. Make a formal offer of, as in a court of law. For example, He put in a plea of not guilty. [Mid-1400s]
2. Interpose, interject; see put in a good word; put one's oar in.
3. Spend time at a location or job, as in He put in three years at hard labor, or She put in eight hours a day at her desk. [Mid-1800s]
4. Plant, as in We put in thirty new trees. [Early 1800s]
5. Enter a port or harbor, as in The yacht will put in here for the night. [Early 1600s]
6. put in for. Request or apply for something, as in I put in for a raise, or John put in for department supervisor. [c. 1600]
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put in

1. To place someone or something on the inside of or within something: Put the key in the ignition and start the car. Let me put these flowers in water. The recipe says to put in two cups of sugar. They put them in jail for robbery.
2. To set something into some state or position: She put the car in first gear and drove away. During the summer, I usually put my hair in a ponytail.
3. To make a formal offer of something: The defendant put in a plea of not guilty. I put an offer in on the house.
4. To introduce some information, as in a conversation: Will you put in a good word for me at the next meeting?
5. To spend or expend something at some task: I put in eight hours at the office. You should put more effort in this project. The actor put in a strong performance.
6. To plant or build something, especially on the ground: We put in 20 rows of pine trees. They tore the shed down and put a pool in.
7. To install something: We put in a new washing machine. The electrician put a new outlet in.
8. To enter a port or harbor. Used of sailing vessels: The freighter put in at San Diego to refuel.
9. put in for To apply for something: I put in for a pay raise, but I doubt I'll get it.
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Wales put in, just outside Welsh 22 Result: Penalty to Fiji GETHIN was penalised here for hinging.
Wales put in, halfway Result: Wales shoved backwards again THE first scrum of the second half went the same way as most of those in the first.
SCRUM 6: 62 mins, Wales put in, just inside Welsh half Result: Wales in trouble, Faletau to the rescue again THIS one, actually, could have gone Wales' way because the Fijian loosehead, Campese Ma'afu, stepped out and went back in under the ribs of Samson Lee, who had replaced Tomas Francis.
SCRUM 7: 66 mins, Wales put in, Fiji 5m line Result: Fiji upper hand MA'AFU had Lee in trouble again.
SCRUM 8: 76 mins, Wales put in, Fiji 5m line Result: Wales hold their own THIS was after Gareth Davies had been held up diving over for a try and the TMO deemed the ball was not grounded.
Dan Korenberg, an immigration attorney who works with the American Immigration Lawyers Association, said the regulation allowing immigrants to stay while their applications are processed, known as 245-I, was put in place to take the strain off embassies, which handle green card applications abroad.
Nineteen Serie A clubs today decided to create the ' Lega Calcio Serie A', with Maurizio Beretta put inS charge of this," read a statement by the new league.
His direct oponent made way after 60 minutes and Ireland took two French put ins near the end.