put behind

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put something behind someone or something

to place something in back of someone or something. I put the box behind Mary, and she didn't even know it was there. Please put the present behind the couch where janet will not see it.
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put something behind somebody/something

to support someone or something When America declared war, Ford put his factories behind the war effort, making huge numbers of planes, trucks, and boats in his factories. My father put his reputation - and his money - behind the reform politicians.
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put something behind you

to decide to forget or ignore something unpleasant put away something Frank, who survived the blast, says he still hasn't put the tragedy behind him.
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put behind

1. To place something to the rear of something or someone: I put the wires behind the bookcase, where no one can see them.
2. To provide something to someone or something as a means of support or assistance: The corporation put one million dollars behind the reconstruction project.
3. To consciously stop worrying or thinking about some unpleasant experience: I'm glad you put those bad days behind you and finished your studies.
4. To place someone in some lower or less advanced grade or class, especially due to inadequate performance: I couldn't pass all the required tests, so they had to put me behind with the beginners.
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As George Trevorrow of the Ngarrindjeri people of Australia remarked, `Some people say history must be put behind us.
prisons should be run in a humane manner; but "customers" who commit violent crimes should be put behind bars for a lengthy period.
What makes real estate work is the availability of financing, the dollars put behind a project," contended Haeffner.
Allscripts implementation experience and the resources they put behind it convinced us we can achieve early and broad physician adoption without compromising productivity.
It is at that time Mayawati asked the people of the state to vote her to power and she would put behind bars Mulayam Singh Yadav and Amar Singh (Rashtriya Lok Manch chief) behind the bars.
A BUNGLING burglar who left behind his fingerprints and a bloodstain when he raided a house just five weeks after being released from prison has been put behind bars for another two years.
The scale of the problem means that in just one year, 170 youngsters in England and Wales were wrongly put behind bars.
By QUETTA, July 28, 2009 (Frontier Star) -- DIG Quetta Operation Shahid Nizam Durrani on Tuesday made it clear that the culprits involved in Target Killings will be put behind soon while progress is underway to expose the culprits behind the heinous act of violence.
PAGE 7 Car gang jailed GANG members who terrorised wealthy families across the region, to steal their luxury cars, have been put behind bars.
The trainer is convinced the five-year-old can put behind him a mystifying poor performance in the Irish Champion Hurdle when he was seventh to Brave Inca.
Criminals put behind bars because of the database would still be out and about.
The Liverpudlian, aiming to put behind him a disappointing run in which he blew his chances of a place in the Ryder Cup team, lies a shot behind leader Aaron Pike.
After a dramatic showdown with Pete, evil Zoe is put behind bars.
A teenager who cost jailed gun teacher Linda Walker her job has been put behind bars for eight months for launching another hate campaign against a young couple.
Whether things have truly been put behind them as easily as Phil inferred is not all that significant to Mitch Kupchak, the Lakers general manager.