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CECILY, WONDERINGLY:--"I don't see why that was put among the funny paragraphs.
Put among them some one more vital, who cared for life or for beauty, and what an agony, what a waste would they inflict on him if he tried to share with them and not to scourge!
Martin knew quite well that dressed in his best clothes and put among a crowd of strange business men he would be taken for one of their own--so easy was his bearing, so naturally correct his speech.
The district had been put among the most sensitive district of the province, which was divided into three major sectors.
Kyrgyzstan has been put among 10 worst world's economies, reports Forbes.
MANY a spanner was put among the pigeons and a few cats went in the works for good measure when 33-1 chance Libertarian was the winner on merit of yesterday's Dante Stakes just before the May monsoons deluged the Knavesmire.
Besides the seven-members another four has been put among the standbys.
Those that have to be mixed should be kept in these groups for at least two weeks before being sent away and bulls that have to be removed from a group should then be put among smaller, young animals to prevented bullying.
By being put among the top 20, these companies should serve as leaders to other entrepreneurs from the broader region toward successful expansion in international markets.
Town's persistence paid off when the Black Cats were well and truly put among the Bluebirds in the 18th minute.
Jackson has immediately been put among the all-time entertainment greats.
So four 'test packages' of greetings cards in brightlycoloured envelopes were prepared and put among post emptied out in front of Flowers.
The problem of course is that there are dangerous people there who cannot be returned and put among innocent populations.
These new competitions are very exciting - to be put among the world's best players in front of big crowds for big money.
John, 60, said: "When we started out, we were put among all the other students.