put ahead

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put someone or something ahead

 (of someone or something)
1. to move or place someone or something in front of someone or something. The teacher put Freddie ahead of Mike, because Mike had been disrespectful. Don't put him ahead! I didn't do anything.
2. to think of someone or something as more important than someone or something. I put Gerry ahead of Betty as far as strength is concerned. Yes, I would put Gary ahead. She put herself ahead of everyone else and expected special treatment.
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The top result under a Google search for "Ed Sheeran concert tickets" is from Viagogo, who pay the search engine to be put ahead of the offical sale site.
THE professional rivalries and personal concerns of surgeons and consultants are being put ahead of patient care at North Wales hospitals, an investigation has found.
Were the interests of the retail clients put ahead of the sellers?
If everyone went along with the view that the development of the county ground should be put ahead of the development of a county team, then the GAA in a lot of counties would be a much sadder place indeed.
He believes facing teams four times or more in a season drives fans away and reckons the long-term good of the game must be put ahead of short-term profit.
It is so obvious that wealth was put ahead of health in the decision to close Foleshill Leisure Centre and only a massive u-turn could put the smile back on voters' faces once more.
We need legislation to open up the charters and set up a new system that will provide the certainty needed for a competitive marketplace, one where private capital is put ahead of the taxpayer," said Castro, the former mayor of San Antonio, Texas.
Easington Labour MP Grahame Morris said the decision to re-privatise the East Coast line was "rightwing Tory dogma being put ahead of the best interests of passengers".
The media's championing of women's football is inevitable, I suppose, in these days when muddled notions of equality are put ahead of common sense and good taste.
Shahidullah Shahid said that the government did not kept even one condition we put ahead for ceasefire while accusing the government of continuing the military operation against them.
Data protection is being put ahead of patient safety, Sarah Jane Marsh, chief executive of Birmingham Children's Hospital, has said.
I don't think there's any that I would put ahead of him; maybe some on that level but none ahead.
Of course, the main threat will come from Rooney and van Persie who I put ahead of Liverpool's Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge and level pegging with Manchester City's Sergio Aguero and Alvaro Negredo as the best strike partnership in the Premier League.
It has unblocked several undemocratic barriers put ahead of it.