put above

put someone or something above someone or something

to place someone or something at a higher level than someone or something. The captain put one soldier above the wall so he could see trouble coming. In the painting, the artist put an angel above the small shed.
See also: above, put
References in classic literature ?
But as has been said, "No English poet can be put above Coleridge when only quality and not quantity is demanded.
He is over young, too, to hold such rank, and to be put above men whose heads are beginning to bleach; and yet they say he is a soldier in his knowledge, and a gallant gentleman
I say, sir, that with the eyes fixed on the social organization of nations, you see only the springs of the machine, and lose sight of the sublime workman who makes them act; I say that you do not recognize before you and around you any but those office-holders whose commissions have been signed by a minister or king; and that the men whom God has put above those office-holders, ministers, and kings, by giving them a mission to follow out, instead of a post to fill -- I say that they escape your narrow, limited field of observation.
But she's mortal high and passionate-- powerful high and passionate; and what with having notice to leave, and having others put above her, she don't take kindly to it.
Using these tactics to leverage local search algorithms will put Above All Appliance LLC's Web site and map listing in a more prominent placement on search results pages.
The regulations we will develop will focus on the approximate 100 large scale puppy farms where profit is put above the welfare of puppies and breeding dogs.
He welcomed the political deal facilitated by the European Union as an important step toward the EU, because, he said, it showed the interests of the state and its people were put above party interests.
After a 28 day recall to prison, he was then put above the pub and told to "grin and bear it".
I believe if we put above all the best interest of our children, we will reach a consensus," Diplaros said.
In neither case was suppression of a hostile insurgency put above the objective of maintaining a grip on power--much to the frustration of Washington.
India's PTI office in Kathmandu quoted Nepal's home ministry official that tens of people were killed in Kathmandu Valley only and the total number of killed in the massive quake is put above 600.
I'm happy to continue paying for the NHS from where I live now, safe in the knowledge my family, friends or anyone for that matter has their health put above all else.
Asked if he feels other areas of the district, for example, areas with higher crime rates are put above the policing needs of Kirklees he added: "I will fight the corner for Kirklees and I am quite confident I have a cohesive argument for retaining officer numbers.
None was put above the other in regards to safety of funds.
Yes, that would mean funding being redirected from other inquiries but show me a priority that you would put above the abuse of children?