put a stop to

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put a stop to (something)

To stop, cease, or conclude something. I'm going to put a stop to the corruption in this department once and for all! I wish my sisters would put a stop to their bickering and just be civil to one another!
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put a stop to something

 and put an end to something
to bring something to an end. I want you to put a stop to all this bad behavior. Please put an end to this conversation.
See also: put, stop
References in classic literature ?
Daylight put a stop to this with spurs and quirt, running him several punishing miles in the direction of his bolt.
Kwaque tried slowly sliding his foot along the floor, but Michael knew the trick and with bristle and growl put a stop to it.
I wish to God I could as easily put a stop to the mad project which you are contemplating.
Leavitt did put a stop to it, but Fiske kept on with his meetings until Charley Douglas put an end to his career in the Glen.
She told me with amusement how Ordinsky, the Pole, had presented himself at her door one evening, and said that if the landlord was annoying her by his attentions, he would promptly put a stop to it.
Elinor was again obliged to decline her invitation; and by changing the subject, put a stop to her entreaties.
Congress, from the nonattendance of a few States, have been frequently in the situation of a Polish diet, where a single VOTE has been sufficient to put a stop to all their movements.
Let us then be wise in time, and put a stop to this wickedness before he comes.