put a premium on something

put a premium on (something)

1. To greatly increase the cost or scarcity of something. Because the city is so densely populated, landlords are able to put a premium on rented accommodation.
2. To place an especially high value on something; to consider something more important or valuable than is usual. We always put a premium on our customer service support, so never hesitate to contact us if you have a problem. With three young children, I put a premium on a shop where I can find everything I need in one stop.
See also: on, premium, put

put a premium on something


place a premium on something

If you put a premium on something or place a premium on it, you believe that it is very important or valuable. Companies like these put a premium on training. I place a high premium on what someone is like as a person.
See also: on, premium, put, something

put/place a ˈpremium on something

consider something very important or valuable: This company puts a high premium on the loyalty of its employees.
See also: on, place, premium, put, something
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