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pussyfoot around

Fig. to go about timidly and cautiously. (Alludes to a cat walking carefully.) Stop pussyfooting around! Get on with it! I wish that they would not pussyfoot around when there are tough decisions to be made.
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pussyfoot (around)

in. to behave in a very cautious manner; to (metaphorically) tread softly; to hedge or equivocate. Come on and say what you mean! Stop pussyfooting.
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If we pussyfoot around, trying to be nice, we will only get more killings.
Our politicians pussyfoot around trying to tidy up the criminals worst efforts.
No matter which side of the issue one comes down on, the Florida Supremes didn't pussyfoot around.
All the judges seem to do is pussyfoot around, slapping wrists and telling these low lifes that they must be good boys in the future.
We can no longer pussyfoot around and have the law in favour of the criminal instead of the public.
So lets not pussyfoot around and go for a ban on smoking everywhere with the exception of your own home where it affects only yourselves or your very young children who have no say in the matter but will probably follow your addictive behaviour when they become old enough to strike a light.
Don't pussyfoot come Budget time with the odd pence on beer and a couple more on spirits - double or even treble the duty.
a disk jockey and remixer with his own independent label, Pussyfoot, is fluent in subgenres from acid jazz to trip-hop to techno to drum-and-bass to lounge.
But there's no point in doing it if he's going to pussyfoot and not take real action.
I am fat I don't pussyfoot around, calling myself 'obese' or 'plump'.
Second Division side Ourense didn't pussyfoot about in signing Portuguese midfielder Quim Duarte.
oww, that hurt, you're only meant to pussyfoot around