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push back the clock

To revisit, recount, return to or recreate a time or era from the past. The purpose of this conference is to push back the clock by analyzing early human remains and try to gain insight into their way of life. The governor is bent on pushing back the clock and returning us to the ethics of the 1950s.
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push (one's) weight around

To assert oneself in a controlling, domineering, or authoritarian manner; to exercise one's position of authority, power, or influence, especially to an overbearing or excessive degree. An effective leader should inspire enough confidence in his or her team that they don't have to push their weight around to get things done. I'm sick of Donald coming into these meetings and pushing his weight around. Can't he just leave us to our own devices?
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pushing up (the) daisies

Fig. dead and buried. (Usually in the future tense.) I'll be pushing up daisies before this problem is solved. If you talk to me like that again, you'll be pushing up the daisies.
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be pushing up (the) daisies

to be dead It won't affect me anyway. I'll be pushing up the daisies long before it happens.
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pushing up daisies

mod. dead and buried. (Folksy. Usually in the future tense.) I’ll be pushing up daisies before this problem is solved.
See also: daisy, pushing, up