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Steve Edge plays Terry McConnell, the pushiest parent of the lot.
Not for them the luxury of cherry-picking the brightest pupils or those with the pushiest parents.
Men, many not at heart the pushiest of creatures, have discovered they aren't going to get it on a plate, and have started to panic.
I kind of, as nicely as I can, let them know that this is a public school and we are obliged to provide the best education for all students, not the best education for the brightest and the ones with the pushiest parents," she said.
He stands up for people, like he did for Zoe and he has also shown he can stand up to people as well - even Maxine, who is the pushiest girl on the planet.
And only the youngsters with the pushiest parents will survive.
It's also worth checking out Mini IQ which has a huge range of interactive and educational toys and books for children 0-12 years likely to impress the pushiest of parents.
A new BBC survey has revealed that Scottish parents are the pushiest in the UK.
But this can't be described as the weirdest or pushiest rider a star has ever asked for.