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pen pusher

One who has a boring, meaningless office job. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Gary was tired of being a pen pusher, so he decided to quit and start his own business.
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pencil pusher

One who has a boring, meaningless office job. Primarily heard in US. I refuse to be a pencil pusher the rest of my life. I have big dreams and goals!
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a pen pusher

mainly BRITISH or

a pencil pusher


a paper pusher

COMMON If you describe someone as a pen pusher or a pencil pusher, you mean that they have a boring office job and do not make any important decisions. People who used to be called administrators, and perhaps seen as just pen pushers, have been transformed into senior managers. Many of the men who now sit on company boards are pencil pushers with qualifications from top schools, but lack experience in business. Note: In both American and British English, you can also call someone a paper pusher. I didn't want to be just another faceless paper pusher. Note: You can refer to office work as pen-pushing, pencil-pushing, or paper-pushing. You can also say that office workers push papers or push pens. I want our police officers freed from paper-pushing. I'm very thankful that I can make a living from my art, rather than working as a waiter or pushing papers eight hours a day.
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cookie pusher

1. n. a bootlicker; someone who flatters other people for self-serving motives. When you’ve got a whole office full of cookie pushers, there’s always someone to take you to lunch.
2. n. a lazy do-nothing. I’m just looking for a cookie pusher to fire today.
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1. n. a bureaucrat; a clerk in the military services; any office worker. (see also pencil-pusher.) If those paper-pushers can’t get their work done on time, make them stay late.
2. n. someone who passes bad checks. (see also paper, paper-hanger.) The bank teller spotted a well-known paper-pusher and called the cops.


n. a bureaucrat; a clerk; an office worker. (see also paper-pusher.) Look here, you lousy pencil-pusher, I want to talk to your boss!


and pill-roller and pill-peddler
n. a nickname for a physician. I went to the infirmary, but the pill-pusher wasn’t in. The lousy pill-roller just gave me some aspirin.


n. a drug dealer who works hard to establish new addicts and customers. (see also push.) That pusher over on Eighth Street was just mobbed by a group of angry parents.

street pusher

n. a drug dealer who works at the retail level on the streets. It’s the street pushers who take the risk and end up doing a few months in the pen.
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Production volume is the main consideration when deciding whether to go with a full-size plug or localized pusher.
Boyne--prolific aviation author and former director of the National Air and Space Museum--chapter 1 chronicles the origins of the pusher fighters; the state of military aviation prior to World War II; aircraft procurement; advances in the field in Europe; and government specification R-40C, which called for radical aircraft designs.
The release of 'Coin Pusher Mafia' on our 'GAMEWAVE' platform represents a major step forward in our aim to further the growth potential of our social gaming business in overseas markets.
I created a system that is retrofitable, so people who already owned our Pusher could fit the clean air system on to their current hardware.
Whenever you want," adds the pusher dressed in jeans and a grubby black T-shirt.
But, asks Scams & Scandals host/investigator Tai Aguirre, what if "the drug pusher happens to be your school social worker or psychologist, and they're telling you your child either takes their drugs or they won't be allowed in school--or, even worse, that [they're] going to charge you, the parent, with neglect?
Humanizing in places, maudlin in others, the film's agenda of sympathy for a big-time pusher just doesn't wash.
A programmable servo-driven pusher unit is said to guarantee symmetrical carcass turn-up and extremely accurate manufacturing sequences.
The Steady Rest automatically adjusts to new bar diameter and pusher diameter, while electronically adjusting for feed rate and torque.
Accompanied by policemen and journalists, he sprayed signs on suspected drug pushers' homes which read, "Beware, a resident inside is a known drug pusher.
No one wants to be a pedal pusher on a bike in the wrong gear.
These impressive new products are available on either the brand new Workhorse UFO rear engine gas pusher chassis or the optional Freightliner XC rear engine diesel chassis in both 37- or 39-foot floorplans.
Whether the customer is shopping for a salt spreader for a small pickup truck or large municipal truck, or a snow pusher for a skid steer or large front end loader, Traval will be able to supply what the customer wants to get the job done effectively and efficiently.