pressed for money

(redirected from pushed for money)

*pressed for money

 and *pressed for cash; *pushed for cash; *pushed for money
Fig. needful of money; short of money. (*Typically: be ~; become ~; get ~.) We are usually pushed for money at this time of year. I'm a little pressed for money just now.
See also: money, press
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North East Conservative MEP Martin Callanan has repeatedly pushed for money to be repaid, not just the pounds 5m in EU funds, if the rules are changed.
It's not the answer to be putting parking charges up by 50 per cent when people are already pushed for money.
At the time of his win he said that having a large family mean that he had always been pushed for money in the past.
chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, and pushed for money to address Los Angeles' gang problem.
It's the worst possible time of year when everyone is pushed for money and time.