push up

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push someone or something up

to raise or lift someone or something. Jake is sliding down again. Push him up. Push up the window, please.
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He's so tuned to my body that he can see from my heart rate and the amount of push ups or squats I can do whether I've been a good girl.
My first ever challenge was back in May 1987 when I did 4,100 push ups, with a metal plate on my back, in four and a half hours," he said.
Eventually Jennifer started to do push-ups too, and there was one-handed push ups, who could beat the other person?
Even before he enters the gym, he has done 88 push ups at home.
An inexpensive dumbbell set and enough room to do push ups and sit ups are all you need for a good strength-building routine.
On a 90-degree day, in a 23-20 defensive gem, a parent can relate to the lizard doing push ups nearby on the hot pavement.