press the right button

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press/push the right button/buttons

to do exactly what is necessary to get the result that you want You have to know how to push all the right buttons if you want to be a successful diplomat. Sometimes you're interviewing someone really shy and then you press the right button and they just don't stop talking.
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I try to push the right buttons to get the best out of every player, and I feel like I know them well and look after them.
During the 5-minute interview, Whitlock did his best to push the right buttons to inflame the controversy and increase the viral spread of his anti-gun comments and his name.
Our challenge is to push the right buttons and focus on areas where we can add value.
1 there we would have suggested razing it, not enlarging it--can't Arkansas and/or Little Rock push the right buttons for the TWO games a year that mean so much to central Arkansans (not to mention eastern and southern Arkansans)?
We tried to push the right buttons, to stimulate them to do the right things.
This time it will be on a national level so I will have to push the right buttons in just a week to get the winning climate and team spirit.
I hope that, together, we can push the right buttons for the players to get the best out of them, to win football matches.
Westlife obviously push the right buttons, and the departure of Bryan (he's now Brian) two years ago hasn't made any difference to their popularity.
If she can make her argument effectively, maybe enough of her colleagues will push the right buttons.
He's so easy to train as well, all we had to do was to learn how the push the right buttons.
And yet after an encouraging streak in which his team won eight of 10 games, the Lakers' coach found himself Wednesday watching the maddening final moments of a home loss to the Golden State Warriors, and he wondered whether he was still able to push the right buttons.
Spring Air's Four Seasons collection, ready to roll out on retail floors, seeks to push the right buttons of environmentally conscious New Agers.
Fortunately, what isn't changing is the need for thinking individuals to feed the machines and push the right buttons.
The first time I worked with a headhunter was a positive experience was very professional--and knew when to push the right buttons and when to off," says Berkeley "Most of all, he helped me evaluate the opportunity and [recognized] that I need to look out for my own career," he recalls.
It's my job to push the right buttons to make all of us demand more of ourselves and eliminate the potential for complacency.