push into

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push someone into something

 and push someone in
to force someone into a situation; to force someone to do something. They are trying to push me into signing the contract. Please don't push me into it! You pushed me in!
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push someone or something into someone or something

to cause someone or something to bump into someone or something. Todd accidentally pushed Marlene into Bill. I pushed the lawn mower into the tree by accident.
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push (someone, something, or an animal) into something

to guide, shove, or press someone, something, or an animal inside of something. I pushed the lawn mower into the garage and closed the door. I opened the garage door and pushed the dog in.
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BackWeb is taking push into the knowledge management arena, with the ability of the combined Headliner and BackWeb technologies to automate the location, retrieval and polite delivery of information that can then be easily manipulated and combined per corporate or end user requirements," said Stan Lepeak, vice president of Advanced Information Management Strategies at the META Group.