push down

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push someone or something down

to force someone or something downward. Every time he tried to get up, the other boys pushed him down again. I pushed down the button and the machine began to operate.
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The use of push-down accounting to push down the debt by changing book entries can also affect taxes based on capital stock.
Push down accounting is included here, although the Securities and Exchange Commission generally insists at least 80% of the entity's stock be acquired.
He immediately put oxygen masks on us, and had other firemen straddle our shoulders, and push down on our backs with their elbows.
Push down on the wires to provide as much space as possible between them and the control box cover.
My concern with your lack of "toe off" is injury to the flexor tendons, which push down on the big toe.
The official said, however, that tax cuts for companies are likely to push down corporate tax revenues in the months ahead.
just push down on the Scent-Stick(tm) to spray a fine mist of hunting scent.
Try this activity: Form a rectangle with your index fingers and thumbs and have a friend push down on your fingers.
Once users have navigated to their desired location, they can simply touch their finger on the sensor to activate the desired feature or function, replacing the need to push down on a mechanical button - and significantly improving the user experience.
In education, McKeon has helped push down student loan interest rates and increase Pell grants for low-income college students.
Due to the impact of the changes resulting from the push down accounting adjustments described above, quarter to quarter results may not be comparable.
My experience with children who don't receive services is that they push down the event.
Control system assemblers simply push down to connect and pull up to disconnect, which reduces assembly time and effort and minimizes assembler fatigue.
In May, Dole warned that a surplus of bananas tied to the glut of import licenses would push down second-quarter profits along with prices for the fruit.