push around

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push someone around

Fig. to harass someone physically; to jostle someone. (See also push someone or something about.) I wish you would stop pushing me around all the time. Stop pushing Max around if you know what's good for you.
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push (somebody) around

also push around somebody
to threaten to hurt someone who is smaller or weaker I feel like I'm in third grade and the fourth-grade bully is pushing me around and trying to steal my baseball cards. I was a lot skinnier then and could get pushed around.
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push around

Treat or threaten to treat roughly, bully, domineer, as in I won't let him push me around. [Colloquial; c. 1920]
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push around

To give someone orders in a forceful or unpleasant way; bully someone: The seniors and juniors pushed around the younger students. You shouldn't let your boss push you around like that!
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The leaf-eating chimps grow bigger and stronger and push around the junk-food-loving chimp.
Integrating our new Singapore and San Francisco facilities into one virtual studio and handling the massive amounts of data we push around our network every day is an unprecedented feat in our industry and requires the best technology available," said Cliff Plumer, chief technology officer for Lucasfilm.
They are the deadliest attacks since US and Iraqi forces began a major security push around the capital last week.
You can't hang with your cloven-hooved half-brothers, the bull and buffalo, so you push around wimpy-legged goats and lambs.
Madin almost added a second seven minutes before the break with a well driven shot that keeper Matt Boswell did well to push around the post.
The members of the Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association, which is 2,500 families strong, has the power to push around the big guys.
12 Science, the researchers explain how they use the tip of a scanning tunneling microscope to push around molecules on a surface at room temperature, creating a two-dimensional array of intact molecules.