push against

push (up) against someone or something

to put pressure on someone or something. The small dog pushed up against me, wagging its tail. Push up against the ceiling tile while I try to tack it back in place.
See also: push

push something (up) against someone or something

to press something against someone or something. I pushed the chair up against the door to prevent the robber from getting in. Accidentally, I pushed the door against Donna and hurt her sore elbow.
See also: push
References in classic literature ?
I will push against him just as much as he pushes against me.
We must push against all injustices, blackmails, acts of belittlement in order for later on be joyful that we have and we alone deserved our democratic and legal country of Macedonia, Naunovski concludes.
But we can tell that this idea is not correct because rockets also work in space, where they have no ground to push against.
Bamako : French-led troops in Mali on Monday controlled access to the city of Timbuktu after securing the airport of the fabled desert city as part of their push against Islamists, military officials in Paris and Bamako said.
BRITISH special forces troops are desperately hunting down anti-aircraft missiles in Libya in advance of a massive push against Colonel Gaddafi.
Gangs responded to the push against strongholds where they have held sway for decades by setting up roadblocks to rob motorists, torching more than 40 cars and buses and shooting at police posts.
Summary: The British army is continuing its push against the Taliban after successfully capturing key territory.
AFTER defeats in their last two away contests, Sporting Fingal will aim to maintain their title push against Limerick tonight at Jackman Park.
Summary: Sri Lankan civilians fled war zone as military continued to push against Tamil Tiger rebels.
A SOLDIER killed in Afghanistan had cancelled his leave to help with the latest push against the Taliban, his fiancee said.
For instance, which forces push against the athlete and how would he or she adjust the body to balance the forces?
Contested scrums occur when the teams' opposing sets of forwards "bind" together and push against each other in an attempt to win the ball following a restart.
Electron spins can exert rotational forces, or torques, on each other, much as arm wrestlers create torques as they push against each other.
If you're standing, spread your toes like a cat spreading its paws and push against your toes to lift up your instep.
Accentuate the backward push against the ground, and not just a forceful push downward, otherwise you'll bounce up and down rather than propel your body horizontally across the ground.