push across

push someone or something across (something)

to move or propel someone or something across something. Jill pushed Fred across the ice. He simply could not skate at all. The old car stalled just before the bridge, so we pushed it across.
See also: across, push
References in classic literature ?
Lead thy men down, as if to a sally; throw the postern-gate open There are but two men who occupy the float, fling them into the moat, and push across for the barbican.
how now, my brave and spirited friend, shall we yet mount and push across the flames, or shall we stand here, and see those we most love perish in this frightful manner, without an effort?
99 and will reportedly "do a big splash/ push across social media with bespoke artwork for each title.
The Utes needed to catch a flight, so the game was called after the 15th when the Beavers couldn't push across a run.
Since its surprise push across Iraq this summer, ISIS has struggled to further expand territory under its control as the Kurds as well as the Iraqi government and allied Shiite militias have found their footing.
Islamic State began as an al Qaeda offshoot in Iraq, seized territory in Syria after joining the rebellion against President Bashar al-Assad, and has now extended its area of control in a push across northern Iraq, declaring an Islamic caliphate in the area it controls.
WALES could experience winds of up to 60mph across the south as an ex-tropical storm begins to push across Europe this weekend, forecasters are continuing to warn.
FORECASTERS are warning people to brace themselves for winds of up to 60mph across South Wales on Sunday as the tail end of Hurricane Bertha begins to push across Europe.
ISIL captured vast territories in Iraq last month, including the country's second largest city, Mosul, during a push across the country.
Most of the land was seized last month in a lightning push across Iraq.
The campaign integrates influencer sampling, highly curated user generated content featuring skin care, and Lancome interactive educational assets--all fueled with a massive engagement push across all Preen.
It was labeled "Most dangerous temps in decades push across U.
Wilton again took the lead from a penalty flick before Glen Bertenshaw equalised as his push across the D was deflected into the goal by a Wilton stick.
Her dedication to creating some of the most efficient application programming interfaces nine months prior to mandate has led to a collaborative push across the bureau and exemplary APIs.
It will hit the South West by late morning, and push across much of the rest of the UK during the day.