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purr like a cat

 and purr like a kitten 
1. Fig. [for an engine] to run well and smoothly. My car really purred after I got it tuned up. New sparkplugs and this old heap will really purr like a cat.
2. Fig. [for a person] to be very pleased, and perhaps moan or purr with pleasure. She was so pleased that she purred like a cat. Sarah really purrs like a kitten when she is happy.
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purr (like a cat)

in. [for an engine] to run well and smoothly. New spark plugs and this old heap will really purr like a cat.
See also: cat, like, purr


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I have written a book about her called Smokey The Very Loud Purring Cat.
With the new demonstration of air power, Herbst says, "there's no need to go into the purring hypothesis.
SMOKEY the cat will be purring her way to Coventry today for a book signing with a difference.
Smokey's owner Ruth Adams, from Pitsford, Northampton, said: "Smokey and I are very excited at being awarded the Guinness World Records title for the loudest purring domestic cat.
Summary: A gray-and-white tabby by the name of Smokey has cat-apulted to fame with purring so loud it has been recorded at 73 decibels.
Dark as smoke and shadowy, Lucy's fur, personality, and purring contentment can be felt through the descriptions and illustrations.
I love the noise they make, it sounds like a cat purring.
Clearly, purring is more than a sign of satisfaction.
If your cat is never heard purring this may be perfectly normal and doesn't necessarily mean she is unhappy.
With purring being the normal mode of communication for a happy cat, researchers from The Centre of Mammal Vocal Communication at the University of Sussex found the 'gimme food' purr is much more highpitched.
And I don't like those strange purring noises that Mark Nicholas makes after a particularly sweetly-timed cover drive.
POLICE opened the bonnet of their patrol car when the engine started making a strange purring sound - and found a kitten sleeping peacefully.
When Whelan moved her head through Hall's hands, you could almost hear her purring.
Do we benefit from feeling their furry, purring essences?
Hit the button to retract the hardtop and put the XLR in gear--the purring engine howls and rockets you forward.