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Half of the top ten states with the highest volumes of reproductive health conversations happening online have mixed political party leadership, which is surprising given that purple states make up about a third of all U.
However, Kansas--like the tour's later stops in Arkansas, Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio and West Virginia--was all part of Campbell's effort to take this tour to so-called red and purple states --that is, to those states not necessarily on board with NETWORK'S admittedly progressive policies.
Of the five Senate contests in purple states -- Iowa, Virginia, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Colorado -- this is currently the closest: The Real Clear Politics average of polls shows a tie (Ernst ahead by 0.
SWING STATES: Also known as purple states or battleground states, swing states have a large number of undecided voters.
That leaves 10 or so swing states (aka battleground states or purple states, because they're neither red nor blue), which could go either way.
For those who eschew partisan politics, The United Purple States of America is available; the cocktail involves cranberry juice, blue Curacao, lemon juice and Skyy Raspberry Infused Vodka.
The Democrats have to do well in big states in which they traditionally do well, but you can also make a case that they have to do well in many of the smaller red or purple states where they haven't done well," he said.
But in Congress, some Democrats, mostly from red or purple states and wary of being attacked as insufficiently fierce on illegal immigration, are also going the enforcement-only route.
Airing ads in Spanish in New Mexico and other purple states, which declaim the increase in home-ownership among Hispanic families.
Acxiom([R]) Corporation's study, titled "The Purple States - Why They Affect Elections," lays out what presidential candidates should focus on to win critical votes before Election Day.
They include five blue states (California, Hawaii, Maryland, New York, Rhode Island), five purple states (Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Montana, Wisconsin) and six red states (Alaska, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Utah, Wyoming).
Intellectual whiplash is an occupational hazard of crimson liberals in purple states.
Synopsis: Barack Obama has gained at least 3 points in his relative positioning against John McCain on Gallup's presidential ballot in red, blue, and purple states since Obama clinched the Democratic nomination in June.
The study, titled "The Purple States - Why They Affect Elections," lays out what the presidential candidates should focus on in order to win these critical votes.
Utilities like Xcel are launching these attacks in red and purple states because they think Republicans are so backwards they can't see the benefits of solar.