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Laxman feels that Dhawan is going through a purple patch and should not get complacent
We are already in the purple patch and the patch gets bigger because red and blue makes purple," he added.
Cricket Mela has filled that void" said Suheem Dalvi , founder Purple Patch.
Chambers is currently enjoying a purple patch of form and after achieving the Olympic 100mqualifier in Germany last Saturday, he ran an even quicker mark of 10.
The declaration of some researchers that Cyberspace will become luminous and take on the aspect of perfect paradise is as much a purple patch as an element of argument or analysis.
Costa's hummingbirds are one of that breed's smallest, and are distinguishable by a bright purple patch on their throat.
The wrong papers, the wretched old canvases discovered to be no more than rehearsals for much new catastrophe this purple patch, that silver of viridian woven into the web of accommodating earth, our only planet not named for some god .
Champ's purple patch heart is a symbol of Nikki and Champ builds on her legacy, providing encouragement to all kids who must deal with difficult challenges.
His most prolific spell came in December when he hit three goals in four games during a festive purple patch.
McNamara said: "We hit a real purple patch in the first half and played with some great shape.
Headlining are the ever-classy Indigo Fury, spiky rockers going through a, ahem, purple patch with the release of new EP Mowhawk.
Super Sam has equalled the Wigan best shared by Martin Offiah and Steve Ella, who each bagged 16 in their purple patch.
BIRMINGHAM'S historic Council House will be going through a purple patch next week as the city celebrates an award for its thriving night-time economy.
Sonik Kicks is his 11th album and the third in a purple patch that has seen Weller push the musical envelope.
In-form Gwerydd Buckland (21-10) extended his purple patch but it wasn''t enough to avert a 10-4 defeat for Bangor City at title-chasing Rhos Park A, whose winners were led by Ivor Jones (21-3).