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binge and purge

to overeat and vomit, alternatively and repeatedly. (A symptom of the condition called bulimia.) She had binged and purged a number of times before she finally sought help from a doctor. Terry had been bingeing and purging for a number of years and was very, very thin.
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purge someone or something from something

to rid something of someone or something. We are going to purge the delinquent members from the list. The court purged her arrest from the records.
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purge someone or something of someone or something

to rid someone or something of someone or something. The medicine is designed to purge the patient of the deadly toxin. We purged the list of the delinquent members.
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purge something away

to wash or flush something away. We will purge the rusty water away and then start up the pump again. We will have fresh, clean water again in no time. Laura purged away the rusty water.
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the urge to purge

n. the need to throw up. Pete felt the urge to purge and ran for the john.
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The Argone and Argo-Naught Weld Gas analysers are high-quality oxygen analysers that will measure the oxygen content in your purging environment reliably throughout purging and welding.
Dyna-Purge V, used by JC Tec, is one of ten formulations in the Dyna-Purge line of non-chemical, non-abrasive purging compounds.
The company will control the purging of gas from another valve near the Woodbridge Mall along Route 1 in Iselin Township.
The restriction on the availability of the purging election also violates section 1297(b)(1)'s maxim of "once a PFIC, always a PFIC.
Maintenance manager Todd France says the company had been using the second generation of Dyna-Purge M purging compound, introduced in 2011 by Dyna-Purge Div.
Leading purging compound developer, Aquapurge, used Interplas 2014 to introduce its new French, Spanish and Italian subsidiaries to the UK market and with almost 200 contacts made, says it was "over the moon" with the show.
When purging stainless steel or other reactive metals, a well purged oxygen-free environment is crucial to ensure a clean, strong weld that is free of oxidation and has a uniform and smooth internal weld profile.
of Parsippany, New Jersey, USA, which manufactures Asaclean Purging Compounds, has announced that its products have achieved U.
Huntingdon Fusion says for welding stainless steel pipes up to 12 inches in diameter, a new range of purging systems has been launched that allows the introduction of inert gas to reduce the oxygen content of pipes faster and allow welding to begin sooner than previously possible.
The weigher is said to provide precision batch weighing of this high value ingredient with options for enhanced scope of supply including nitrogen purging for the whole weighing and dosing system, whereby the nitrogen blanket effect ensures there is no introduction of water molecules into the process; and using dry air purging as a method of preventing undue moisture ingress into the compound.
Orbimatic GmbH has added the ORBIPURGE internal purging kit to their range of high quality orbital welding equipment.
Less obvious, but ultimately more important, is that searches in virtual files are not affected by purging and inactivation.