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binge and purge

slang To eat a large quantity of food and vomit shortly thereafter (as is symptomatic of the eating disorder bulimia), often repeatedly. Because she goes to the bathroom immediately after every meal, I'm starting to worry that she's binging and purging.
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binge and purge

to overeat and vomit, alternatively and repeatedly. (A symptom of the condition called bulimia.) She had binged and purged a number of times before she finally sought help from a doctor. Terry had been bingeing and purging for a number of years and was very, very thin.
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purge someone or something from something

to rid something of someone or something. We are going to purge the delinquent members from the list. The court purged her arrest from the records.
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purge someone or something of someone or something

to rid someone or something of someone or something. The medicine is designed to purge the patient of the deadly toxin. We purged the list of the delinquent members.
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purge something away

to wash or flush something away. We will purge the rusty water away and then start up the pump again. We will have fresh, clean water again in no time. Laura purged away the rusty water.
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the urge to purge

n. the need to throw up. Pete felt the urge to purge and ran for the john.
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The purged North Korean officials include Kim Yong Ryong, deputy director of the National Security Agency, North Korea's state intelligence agency, Yonhap said.
Once the PVC has purged all the PE, drain the feed hopper and run the screw dry.
A physical body, when purged of toxins, parasites, and excess corpulence, is not just lighter, but stronger.
It is likely that a machine will have to be purged for a considerable amount of time with regrind, and then also purged several times subsequently during production.
Huntingdon Fusion Techniques says large pipes and vessels can be purged of air quickly and easily--with reported savings of up to 90% in purge gas requirements--using a British-made weld purging system.
Since AML originates in the marrow, it also must be purged of leukemic cells for the procedure to be effective.
Identified messages can be purged to further reduce the amount of unsolicited employee e-mail traffic entering a messaging infrastructure.
It is likely that a machine will have to he purged for a considerable amount of time with regrind, and then also purged several times subsequently during production.
The Past Date Archive(TM) database has read-write functionality to allow a carrier's customer service reps and/or revenue accounting staff to research customer service issues and maintain an ongoing comment history long after the PNR data has been purged from SABRE.
It is also advisable to change the screen pack after purging is complete so that no purged contaminants break loose or bleed into the process.
Filtered messages can be purged in their entirety and attachments can be deleted or quarantined for review and delivery at a later time.
Chlorine-containing polymers such as PVC and chlorinated polyethylene, for instance, must be fully purged before shutdown or they will break down quickly to form carbon and dangerous, corrosive chlorine gas.
Millions of names are set to delete, or have already deleted, in the fourth quarter of 2001, including many now-expired "promotional" names that were given away by registrars over the past two years, but were not renewed and are now being purged.
They illustrate the fact that even complex molds with ribs, cams, and undercuts can be purged with an effective CPC designed for hot-runner cleaning.