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be (as) pure as the driven snow

To be virtuous and/or chaste. The bride looked as pure as the driven snow in her gown. Kate would never cheat on an exam—she's pure as the driven snow.
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pure and simple

Essentially or fundamentally so, without exaggeration or elaboration. If you are caught cheating on an exam or assignment, you will be failed on the entire class, pure and simple. No matter how much they claim it will help the average worker, this is a tax break for the wealthy, pure and simple.
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pure and simple

 and plain and simple
absolutely; without further complication or elaboration. I told you what you must do, and you must do it, pure and simple. Will you kindly explain to me what it is, pure and simple, that I am expected to do? Just tell me plain and simple, do you intend to go or don't you?
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*pure as the driven snow

pure and chaste. (Often used ironically. *Also: as ~.) Jill: Sue must have gone to bed with every man in town. Jane: And I always thought she was as pure as the driven snow. Robert was notoriously promiscuous, but tried to convince all his girlfriends that he was pure as the driven snow.
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pure luck

 and blind luck
complete luck; nothing but plain luck. I have no skill. I won by pure luck.
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pure and simple

No more and no less, plainly so, as in This so-called educational video is really a game, pure and simple. This expression is very nearly redundant, since pure and simple here mean "plain" and "unadorned." Oscar Wilde played on it in The Importance of Being Earnest (1895): "The truth is rarely pure and never simple." [Second half of 1800s]
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pure as the driven snow

Morally unsullied, chaste, as in She's just sixteen and pure as the driven snow. This simile dates from the late 1500s, although driven, which means "carried by the wind into drifts," was occasionally omitted. It is heard less often today.
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simon pure

Absolutely genuine, quite authentic, as in That laboratory test was simon pure; none of the specimens was adulterated. This expression comes from the name of a character in a play, Susannah Centilivre's A Bold Stroke for a Wife (1717), who is the victim of an impersonation but turns up in the end and proves that he is "the real Simon Pure."
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pure and simple

and nothing else.
1991 Alabama Game & Fish They are bred for waterfowling, pure and simple.
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pure as the driven snow

completely pure.
When used of snow, driven means that it has been piled into drifts or made smooth by the wind. The phrase was famously parodied by the actress Tallulah Bankhead in 1947 : ‘I'm as pure as the driven slush’.
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the real Simon Pure

the real or genuine person or thing.
Simon Pure is a character in Susannah Centlivre's A Bold Stroke for a Wife ( 1717 ), who for part of the play is impersonated by another character.
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ˌpure and ˈsimple

and nothing else: This man is a bully, pure and simple. ▶ ˌpurely and ˈsimply adv.: I am basing my opinion purely and simply on the facts of the case.
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(as) pure as the driven ˈsnow

(often humorous) innocent or morally good: I don’t think you’re really in a position to criticize her. You’re hardly as pure as the driven snow yourself!
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pure and simple

mod. basically; essentially. Bart is a crook, pure and simple.
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